Oceanic Combat Group

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Application to Join OCG

Updated: 16 Jan 2020


Applications are CLOSED Until 1st February 2020

The process is? IMPORTANT: BEFORE PUTTING IN AN APPLICATION. Come fly with us.

Get a feel for the way we do things. Join our Discord channel and say hi.

Next, decide if we’re the right group for you by giving a read about who we are in the about channel.

Let us know which member/s you have flown with, A reference often helps.

Then, complete the application-to-join form. Upon completion a moderator or admin will be in touch.

Upon having spoken to a moderator you maybe offered probationary status. This is the period in which you start training.

We’ll also be noting presence and commitment.

Failure to meet the requirements and commitment will result in membership being revoked. It is very common to get swamped by applications and only have 1/4 of them show their face in the Discord.

Complete 101 and 102 within 3 months of joining.

Maintain a consistent presence on the Discord.

More details will be provided when a moderator contacts you.