Oceanic Combat Group

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

OCG Training

Updated: 14 Jan 2020

Training on Wednesday:

These are theory and practical instructional missions. All we require is people to express their interest in participating. Some examples of what gets taught on a ToT are ATC Operations, Air to Air Refueling Procedures, Proper Carrier Operations. These are taught by a OCG instructor who is the resident expert on the topic of the day. We aim to do one session a week typically on a Wednesday.

What we require:

For these events, we would like people to have SRS installed & setup. DCS World Beta version installed. Teamviewer to be installed as an additional option.

End of Month Operations:

These are our most demanding events as there is a major objective that only when all flights involved coordinate effectively can complete. The barrier for entry is a lot higher due to the expectations that the mission designers have for the Operation. However, we still accept anyone who wants to fly. Some of the more common types of end of mission OPs are Escorts, Deep Strikes, Ground attacks, and many others. Each of these missions has a different level of difficulty and will always provide a challenge even to the most seasoned DCS pilots. 

What we require:

We require all participants to have SRS set up and working prior to the operation. DCS World Beta version. The correct map installed. A willingness to learn and be corrected.