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About OCG

Welcome to the “Oceanic Combat Group” [OCG] a community that focuses on strong teamwork, in depth and quality training and providing a sense of realism within DCS.

Members are trained from basic formation flying and element integrity to advanced Air to Air/Air to Ground Employment, advanced brevity and a thorough understanding of how to operate as a team. OCG’s training as such focuses on employment and does not actively instruct on individual aircraft, instead opting that members learn on their own with the help of other members.

All training material is based off trusted anecdotal sources and a range of actual doctrine from Air Forces & Navy’s from around the world. Airframes commonly used include the F/A-18, F-16C, A-10C, F-14B, and F-15C.

Our History

Oceanic Combat Group, [OCG] initially was an active section of The Australia and New Zealand Tactical Community, or ATC which was an Arma Milsim community which was formed in mid 2015. During early 2017, ATC branched out into DCS with Hells starting the first server and running early iterations of “Through the Inferno” (TTI) by deadlyfishes who then formed the now 107th DCS community.

After the server began to gain a following ANZTAC adopted DCS as an officially supported title and started accepting DCS memberships. As membership grew, it was decided to focus fully on DCS and restructure. OCG now runs the only other officially sanctioned and constantly updated TTI missions for DCS and is consistently one of the most populated AU/Oceania servers.

OCG now runs 6 Dedicated Servers

Server 1 TTI Public Server – Caucasus
Server 2 TTI Public Server – TTI Missions in Rotation
Server 3 OCG Training Server (Members only)
Server 4 Pretense Caucasus & Syria
Server 5 Foothold Caucasus & Syria
Server 7 Events & Dynamic persistent Missions

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What is Through The Inferno (TTI)?

Through the inferno (or TTI) is a series of Multiplayer PVE missions where you can fly any aircraft against automatically starting air to air and air to ground threats.

If you google TTI you can download the mission for all available maps and play your own offline version of it.

It is great for quick action and for practicing without having to fiddle around with the mission editor. The missions are separated in air to air, air to ground, but also heli missions.

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