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OCG Charter

Welcome to OCG! If you enjoy flying in DCS World with mates, learning how to master your aircraft and have an all-around fun time – this is the place for you! We hold regular training nights and fly some great missions, all while patiently waiting for you to screw up – and earn your call-sign.

What do we not do? Deal with a bunch of b.s. We want our members to come here to learn something new and have fun flying alongside people equally trained and competent. Drama, grandstanding, or all-around assholery are not wanted. People displaying that behaviour should look elsewhere.

There are 2 ways to engage with OCG:

  1. Attend our public mission nights where you can fly whatever platform is available. This is a lower commitment, though we do require you to be competent enough maintain a good mission outcome, including being able to use comms.
  2. Become an OCG member and earn your tags. This allows you to fly all missions and attend training. Please note that members have priority on all public missions where slots are limited.

So, what’s life like at OCG?

General Expectations

  • SRS is required for missions and flying on the OCG server.
  • When flying on OCG servers, you need to be in the public Discord channel.
  • Push-to-Talk is mandatory! We do not want to hear your barking dog! 😉
  • Be a good citizen when interacting with others. Remember, assholery will not be tolerated.
  • Encourage others to come join us on public missions. It is a blast getting a ton of people flying and it helps us find new people to grow our community.

Membership Expectations

  • The Hornet is required. All training is done in a Hornet. Missions offer a variety of aircraft. We have lots of people that love all different aircraft – the Hornet is just our training platform.
  • Syria map is required for members to train on.
  • Attend meetings once per week – Wednesday nights at 2000h Eastern (Sydney) time.
  • Fly at least one mission and one training night per month to remain active in OCG.
  • Content creation is everyone’s responsibility. This keeps things fresh and interesting and ensures we do not overburden a small group of people.
  • All posts on Discord should be made in #general unless it is something specific to OCG members.
  • Once a member, your Discord name should follow this pattern: [OCG] <Call-Sign>


  • Meetings are every Wednesday at 2000h Eastern (Sydney) time.
  • Training is run every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. This varies by month but includes:
  • Aerodrome operations (circuits, initial and pitch, etc)
  • Formation flying (in place turns, delayed turns, etc)
  • Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM)
  • Air Combat Manoeuvres (ACM)
  • Beyond Visual Range (BVR)
  • Pop-Up Attacks
  • Other Air-to-Ground tactics
  • Missions are run every 2nd, 4th and if needed, 5th Wednesday of the month. These include:
  • Custom missions
  • Dynamic missions driven with Olympus.
  • “Beer Nights” – crane runs, canyon runs, new module fail flights, rotary wing ops etc…


Our instructors have years of experience in tactics and simulation. They give their time freely to help make you a better pilot. We encourage you to reach out to any instructor within OCG if you would like additional help or training – but please be respectful of their time as this is a hobby, and they have families and commitments!

Just a few notes on training to be aware of:

  • Instructors are approved by the Head of Training after careful observation on competencies.
  • New instructors will be taught by an existing instructor for a brief period before being able to teach on their own. Instruction will be for approved categories only (BFM, BVR, ACM, A-G, etc). I.e. Someone may be able to teach BFM but are not cleared to teach BVR.
  • Returning members wishing to instruct will receive a quick familiarisation period before resuming instructor status.

Of course, all members are strongly encouraged to conduct informal training during missions if you are confident enough to do so. See a wingman screwing up a delayed turn, let them know how to do it properly. We all get better through little corrections along the way.


Every fighter pilot wants their own call-sign. Many people will join thinking their current call-sign is awesome and the one they will keep. We will warn you now, that will not happen! Flying with OCG comes with the earning of a new call-sign to use within the group. It is a great experience as it is usually coming from a colossal screw up or some other hilarious thing that has happened when flying with us. Embrace the call-sign, no matter what it is.

What is the Benefit?

So, what do you get out of joining OCG? You get to participate in a group of people that love aviation, enjoy blowing shit up in great cooperative online engagements, want to better their abilities through training and just want to have an all-around fun time. Several of us have been members for years and have created some great memories and friendships along the way.

In return you give OCG one of the most valuable assets we have in life: your time. In doing so you will participate in missions, you will help with ideas on how to improve, and you will actively contribute to making OCG an amazing place to fly and fight.

How to Join

Joining OCG is easy – show up to our public nights and fly! We do not expect you to have Maverick levels of ability here, but we want someone that has a good relationship with people in OCG, can fly the jet (you do not have to be a master of everything) and is willing to listen and learn. Once you have attended at least four (4) public nights, you can apply to join OCG. We will have a brief chat internally with those that have flown with you and will then let you know the outcome of your application. Simples!

If you do not wish to join, but like flying with us, continuing to attend our public missions is fine. Your attendance helps make a great, more immersive mission! If you know how to fly and fight in your chosen platform, ensure you are in Discord and on SRS, you will always be welcome to our public events.