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Applying to join

OCG membership can be a great experience, but our trainers put in a significant amount of time to train new recruits, so please understand that there is a commitment from both sides.

To be considered for membership, we now require that an applicant attend at least ten public OCG events. This allows us to meet you and get an idea of where you are at and your level of commitment. It also gives you an opportunity to see if our group is right for you.

We intake memberships as a class, so it may take some weeks between application and the start of your training.

Please also be aware that we require a minimum level of capability for you to attend an event or apply for membership.


Attendees and applicants must already know how to fly in DCS. At a minimum you need to own and know how to fly a Hornet/Viper/Tomcat/Strike Eagle – including take off, landing, air to air and air to ground weapons as well as how to use the communications instrumentation through SRS.

Although we have multiple squadrons that fly different full fidelity aircraft, applicants for membership need to be aware that all the initial training is conducted in the Hornet so you will need to be proficient.

If applying for membership, you may be asked to pass a basic assessment in the Hornet. Everyone has their own learning pace, but as a rule of thumb we would not recommend applying until you have at least 50+ hours of flight time in the Hornet (preferably at least some of that time on a multiplayer server).

You do not need to know every detail of the aircraft, but you should be able to complete the mission. If you are not there yet, feel free to jump on one of our public servers to practice.

Here is the mission you will fly on your assessment, feel free to download and practice:

We fly together on Wednesday evenings (generally starting 8.00pm Australian Eastern Time) so please make sure you can commit to this time slot before applying.

The training program is significant, teaching you airfield operations, formation flying, dog fighting, ACM and BVR, most of which is performed as a team. Our instructors invest a good deal of their free time to help train new members, so in return we ask that you commit to attending all training sessions on Wednesday nights.

Once your application has been approved you will be accepted as a trainee until you pass your first 2 courses and earn your tags. Repeated non-attendance will be an automatic failure.

We primarily use the Syria map for training. But we do run other maps on our servers as required for event missions.

We do welcome members of the public to join our voice channels on Discord to chat, fly with us, and ask our members on their experiences from the OCG group.

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